Our Story

Beerhound was born out of a passion for everything beer-y: lagers, ales and specifically craft ales. A group of like-minded friends were disappointed by the lack of quality and range of online beer outlets. Recognizing this as a great injustice to beer-lovers, our intrepid ale posse came together to create something extremely special – a curated craft beer, lager and ale delivery service exclusively for Hong Kong. Beerhound has quickly established itself one of the premier beer delivery services covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and outlying islands. With our new website and the Beerhound Rewards program, our online store is packed with great offers, so join our tribe and start ordering your favorite craft beers from Hong Kong and across the globe for delivery to your doors!

Our Mission

Our team at Beerhound are committed to sniffing out the wildest, weirdest and best-tasting beers from all around the globe – all available for delivery, direct to your door in Hong-Kong. Our robust collection of beers is constantly being updated and as we grow we’re encouraging all of you to help us build a community of craft beer lovers and a beer rating system, by joining our website and rating the beers you’ve bought. This means our beer selection is constantly being refined by the tastes of our userbase, so we know what beers you like and to sniff out to the best value for our customers.

It’s our belief that we can grow the Beerhound family to include all of Hong Kong’s beer-loving citizens and Beerhound Rewards is focused on rewarding customer loyalty. Not only will you earn reward points as you spend to get more free beers but you’ll also earn rewards for reviewing beers on our website and for referring new customers. Sign up, enjoy 10% off your first order and come crack open a cold one with us.