Spend any amount of time in Hong Kong and you’ll quickly notice that it is a city in love with its booze, specifically beer. This has been true since Hong Kong’s first days as a British colony, back then the British soldiers would mix porter and ginger beer in an effort to fight the heat. The local commanders encouraged their soldiers to consume beer in order to keep them away from the local rice spirits that left them far rowdier and prone to chaotic behaviour. By the 1860’s Hong Kong was importing over 12,000 barrels of beer every year from the UK alone. Fast-forwarding even further to the end of the 19th  Century and Hong Kong was being flooded by pale lager from Denmark, Germany, the USA and Japan. Glancing at supermarket shelves you may think that’s where the story ended, but in fact, Hong Kong has a rich history of local brewing too.

Hong Kong’s first brewery opened in 1902, a small family operation that never gained any major notoriety but did kick-start the potential for brewing in Hong Kong. In 1933 a merchant by the name of Jehangir Ruttonjee opened a brewery in the (then) rural town of Sham Tseng. The beer was branded ‘HB’ for ‘Hong Kong Brewery’ and through the course of its life it overcame undercutting by foreign merchants, military occupation and even American bombing strikes. In 1948 Ruttonjee sold the brewery to the San Miguel Corporation who continued brewing beer there until 1996. Hong Kong’s beer market had been firmly established and today there are nearly 20 breweries in the Hong Kong area, producing stouts, pale ales and every variety of beer imaginable! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most exciting brewers keeping this scene going:

Carbon Brews


New in town and quickly causing a stir Carbon Brews has exploded onto the Hong Kong craft beer scene. Their funky fruity flavours are complemented by eye-catching design and innovative approaches to their blends. ‘Earth People’ is an excellent year-rounder and a fantastic place to start for anyone getting bored with mainstream lager and finding themselves in need of more flavor. If you’re after something with a bit more punch check out ‘Crazy Rich Lupins’, it’s tropical notes of mango and papaya are perfect for summer but be careful in the heat – it’s 8.4%!

Order For Delivery Here: http://bit.ly/BHCBREWS

Location: Unit A1, G/F, Union Industrial Center, 27-31 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan

Contact: 2620 0095

Web: https://www.carbonbrews.com/


A playful riff on the expat moniker, Gwei.Lo have quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting, innovative and forward-thinking breweries on the Hong Kong scene. Gwei.Lo produce a broad range of Session Ales between 4% and 6%, ensuring they have something for everyone from first timer to enthusiast. Their IPA is particularly delicious and a must try for any serious ale-lover. It is brewed with a secret blend of European Malt and South Pacific and American Hops.

Order For Delivery Here: http://bit.ly/BHGWEILO

Location: Fo Tan

Web: https://gweilobeer.com/

Heroes Beer Co.

While all these breweries made this list for their delicious beers, it’s worth pointing out that Heroes isn’t just about delicious beers – they’re also about beautiful beers. Their designs have become well known for their eye-catching and vivid aesthetics and you may recognize them from their adornment of you local alcohol aisle. Their flavours are equally impressive, make sure you check out ‘Hangry Donut’ their American wheat beer.

Order For Delivery Here: https://bit.ly/2Mc3pMU

Location: Room 1411, Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road

Contact: 3996 9740

Web: https://www.heroesbeerco.com/

Hong Kong Beer Co.

Hong Kong Beer Co. was established in 1995 and became Asia’s first craft brewery to sell beer in bottles and kegs exclusively. From there they have gone from strength to strength, first becoming a nationally recognized brand and now a global one that is quickly putting Hong Kong on the map for ale-lovers worldwide. Every beer is intrinsically influenced by Hong Kong in taste, tone and recipe. ‘Dragon’s Back’ is an absolute must for lovers of Pale Ale!

Order For Delivery Here: https://bit.ly/33lw6MJ

Location: Unit 5A, Ground Floor, Wah Shing Centre, 5 Fung Yip Street, Chai Wan

Contact: 2580 2360

Web: https://www.hkbeerco.com/

Mak’s Brewery

Mak’s brewery is often described as ‘beer made by locals for locals’. This is certainly true, three local guys named Ken, Ball and Mark that had their own vision of Hong Kong Cantonese beer. But in truth it’s become a lot more than that, this is ‘beer made by locals for the world’. A flavored glimpse of life in Hong Kong, exclusive craft beers made with local ingredients like dried longan and goji berries, dried mint leaves and local honey. Mak’s brewery aim to capture Hong Kong in a brew so the whole world can taste it. Make sure you try their Mint Beer if you’re feeling adventurous, alternatively you can’t go wrong with their Longan Pale Ale!

Order For Delivery Here: https://bit.ly/2YTC5sr

Location: 12C, Jing Ho Industrial Building, 78-84 Wang Lung Street, Tsuen Wan

Contact: 6174 7740

Web: https://www.maksbeer.com/

Moonzen Brewery

As a brand Moonzen are obsessed with the respectful celebration of Hong Kong culture and Chinese folklore. They draw inspiration from Chinese mythology when creating their brews and use distinctly Chinese flavours. Their beers are hand-crafted and presented in beautifully illustrated bottles or signature golden gourd glasses. You can even head on over to their brewery to see how these exquisite beers come together! Their flagship ale ‘Thunder God’ is a definite crowdpleaser, more experienced ale-heads may want to check out their ‘Moon Goddess’ chocolate stout.

Order For Delivery Here: https://bit.ly/2KseY0k

Location: 2A New East Sun Building, 18 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Contact: 3709 2829

Web: https://www.moonzenbrewery.com/

Yardley Brothers Beer

Many of you Hong Kong beer-lovers will immediately recognize the Yardley Brothers Beer label. It’s quickly become a mainstay of Hong Kong boozing – and rightfully so! Their brews are playfully named like ‘Hong Kong Bastard’ and ‘Quit Your Job’ but back up their humor with robust and refreshing flavours that have kept Hong Kong coming back for more. Yardley are very quickly gaining a reputation as some of the most innovative craft brewers in Hong Kong and definitely worth your time and ‘research’. We wouldn’t judge you if you ‘researched’ their entire range. Strictly for scientific purposes of course.

Order For Delivery Here: https://bit.ly/2MQTifW

Location: Unit 10, 5th floor, Block A, Wah Tat Industrial Centre, 8 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Hing

Contact: 9543 4963

Web: http://www.yardleybrothers.hk/

Young Master Brewery

Young Master Brewery is perhaps not quite as well equipped for hospitality as some of the other brewers on this list but it does allow customers to tour it’s premises on Saturdays (and sample all of their delicious ales). Young Master are well known influencers of the craft beer movement in Hong Kong and their local-inspired ales are well worth a visit. All of their beers are phenomenal but hop lovers should make sure to check out the 1842 Island Imperial IPA for a potent hoppy character and robust malt backbone.

Order For Delivery Here: http://bit.ly/BHYMAST

Location: G/F, Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

Contact: 2783 8907

Web: https://youngmasterales.com/

COEDO Taproom

While actually a Japanese import, COEDO deserve special mention here as their Hong Kong location is their first and only overseas venture. You can sample all of their year-round ales, plus limited and seasonal beers that are not available for mainstream purchase. While you’re there why not have a nibble on some authentic Saitama-style yakitori!

Order Here: http://bit.ly/BHCOEDO

Location: Shop C, G/F, 50-56 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay

Contact: 2619 9011

Web: https://www.coedobrewery.com/en/

Hopefully this article has given you some amazing ideas for beers to try in Hong Kong this summer, not only are they a great way to stay refreshed they’re also a great way to support your local craft ale scene. And whether you’re at the beach, the boat, your private party or corporate function - make sure you order them from Beerhound. We sniff out all the best beers and deliver them direct to you, just head on over to beerhound.com.hk and start ordering!