Low Alcohol Craft Beers


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Want to taste some the finest session-able, easy to drink craft beers, that are low in alcohol so you can keep on pushing through the whole day? Check out in this curated 𝗟𝗼𝘄 𝗔𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗵𝗼𝗹 𝗖𝗿𝗮𝗳𝘁 𝗕𝗲𝗲𝗿 mixed case. Ideal for junk trips, events and after exercise, workouts or hikes.

What’s in the case:

A total of 24 beers configuration: 4 x 6 low alcohol beers.

All between 3.3 – 4.3% ABV.

The beers are all at least 330ml in volume and come in bottles and cans.

The case is delivered in a recyclable cardboard box to your doors in Hong Kong.

The beers may vary from those shown in the mixed case product image due to availability. We will exchange any beers with similar value and excellent taste based on availability and ranges of beers available with our suppliers.

NOTE Beerhound adjusts the beers in mixed cases monthly so you can continually taste new craft beers. If you purchase other mixed cases in addition to The Perfect Thirst Aid Box, we will provide you different ranges of beers between the cases, with only 2 – 4 beers the same.

Here are the types of beers you can expect or something similar:

    • Brewdog Dead Pony Club (ABV 3.8%)-From Scotland
      – Dead Pony Club is a low amplitude, high voltage hop hit. Alive with flavour it’s hopped to the Pacific shores and back. Dive in to aromas of citrus, lemon-grass and lime zest. The toasted malt base ebbs to a huge hop hit, washing tropical fruit, floral garlands and spicy undertones all over your palate.
    • Gweilo Citrus Crusher (ABV 3.5%)-From Hong Kong
      – Gweilo Citrus Crusher is our refreshing, lighter, go-to beer. Additions of Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and grapefruit purée bring subtle citrus notes to the light ale base. It’s an ideal brew to crush on a warm day.
    • Moonzen Radler King (ABV 3.5%)-From Hong Kong
      – Bringer of chaos and order, Dragon King is responsible for droughts and rain. We appease his fiery rule over the seas with his favorite drink, a concoction of honey pomelos with a dash of salt from his underwater palace!
    • Siren Craft Yulu (ABV 3.9%)-From UK
      – Yu Lu is an intricate beer with layers of flavour that remain distinctive, yet work in perfect harmony. Her name alludes to the mystical history of the humble tea leaf, which delivers subtle bergamot orange and lemon notes here, accentuated by the addition of lemon zest. Her delicate hop high notes will leave your taste buds sparkling.
    • Young Master – Another One (ABV 3.3%)-From Hong Kong
      – Crushable, juicy and refreshing, you will always want another one of this delightful session ale
    • Carbon Brews – Earth People (ABV 3.3%)-From Hong Kong
      – Clean & crisp but more in the grain bill than most. We balance this with dry hop to give much more flavor than your mainstream lagers.

***Beers may be swopped due to availablity***

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