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Gweilo Core Range Mixed Case

Gweilo Core Range Mixed Case

The Hong Kong Local

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Try our discovery pack of the finest craft beers made here in Hong Kong and support the local breweries!

What's in the case:

A total of 24 beers, with 2 - 3 craft beers that may be the same so you can enjoy tasting them with your friends.

The beers are all at least 330ml in volume and come in bottles and cans.

The case is delivered in a recyclable cardboard box to your doors in Hong Kong.

The beers may vary from those shown in the mixed case product image due to availability. We will exchange any beers with similar value and excellent taste based on availability and ranges of beers available with our suppliers.

Here's the types of beers you can expect or something similar:

  • Moonzen Monkey King Amber Ale (5.0% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Heavenly rebel to monk warrior, we've capture his beloved tale in our Red Ale, a cheeky amber boasting a beautiful heart of caramel and hoppy aroma of Queen Mother's peaches stolen by the Monkey King himself.
  • Moonzen Jade Emperor IPA (7.0% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Ruler of all, we give tribute to his balance of might and munificence in this heavenly IPA, which flashes bolts of citrus and floral, all wrapped in a golden robe of maltiness.
  • Gweilo IPA (4.2% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Gweilo Session IPA is perfect for the heat of Hong Kong. It is intensely dry hopped with Mosaic, creating a bold nose of melon, citrus and pine. This is nicely balanced by a malty backbone, delivering an IPA punching well above its weight.
  • Gweilo Pale Ale (4.8% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Gweilo Pale Ale is a light, citrusy pale ale. We use Cascade to create an intense tropical fruit aroma. This is followed by a crisp, refreshing bitterness which doesn’t linger, resulting in an extremely drinkable pale ale.
  • Young Master 1842 Island Imperial IPA (8.0% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - The bold 1842 Island coaxes out and showcases every nuance of its outsized malt and hop bill. It’s potent hop character is balanced with a robust malt backbone.
  • Young Masters Classic (5.0% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - The Classic is a versatile pale ale for all seasons and palates. The balance of malts and hops is perfectly elegant. Blend of American and Southern hops bring out a delightful fruity, floral and zesty aroma.
  • Heroes SI L DAN (6.7% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - HK Brewcraft is the imperative boot camp for all Heroes in town. They're known for their great selection of fascinating Heroes weapons, fresh ammunitions and potent rations.When Albert went over to help plan HK Brewcraft's 5th birthday party with his Brew Crew buddies, he accidentally knocked over a few cartons of mysterious Heroes gunpowder into their anniversary brew. Just as Albert was about to crap his pants, the Brew Crew gave him a pat on his back saying 'Atta-boy! That's the secret sauce we need for our famous Si "L" Dan IPA!'
  • Yardely Brothers Lamma Island IPA (6.1% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Crisp, easy drinking IPA. Citrus floral aroma. Caramel, with herbal notes to finish.
  • Hong Kong Beer Co Dragon's Back (5.3% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Medium-bodied style made famous in England for its interplay between the malt character and apparent esters typical of great ales. The judicious addition of American hops during the boil and when dry hopping serves to kick the refreshment and aroma levels up a few notches.
    Try it with the flavorful tastes of Vietnamese, Mexican, and Thai cuisines or hearty seafood dishes.
  • Hong Kong Beer Co Big Wave Bay IPA (7.0% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Aggressively dry-hopped, West Coast-style India Pale Ale with a freshness and balance that can only be found in a locally brewed beer. Its robust flavors sit on a rich base of malt, complemented by bracing bitterness, and the fragrant citrus, tropical fruit and pine aromas of American and Australian hops.
    Made for big, bold dishes with lots Szechuan peppers and the spice and heat of fiery curries, it also matches well with a sharp cheddar.
  • Carbon Brews Meringue-utang (8.3% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Tropical fruits and Vanilla on the nose with strawberry and passionfruit prominant. On the palate very fruit forward with the hops balancing out the fruit and vanilla to leave you with a super fruity smashable NEIPA.
  • Carbon Brews Earth People (4.5% ABV) - From Hong Kong
    - Clean & crisp but more in the grain bill than most. We balance this with dry hop to give much more flavor than your mainstream lagers.
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